9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

2020-2021 School Year Location: Manna Fellowship 17324 S Rte 291, Pleasant Hill

DHA's Academic Program is a weekly 2-day program that employs certified Christian teachers who will work with students on Mondays and Wednesdays from mid-August to May. Teachers will academically challenge and support students through guided instruction, group collaboration, and presentations. They will also provide student assignments that are to be completed on Thursday and Friday of each week. Parent educators will find encouragement and support as they oversee student assignments. They will also appreciate the accountability students receive as they stay on target each month.

Elementary: Students in grades PreK through 8th grade will study Literature Arts (Reading, Writing, Grammar, Spelling), Math, History/Geography, Science, and enjoy a brain break with a PE class. Parents are the primary teacher and will determine the final grades for students.

THE BRIDGE High School program: The Bridge is an exciting new high school partnership program that is connecting certified teachers, parents, and the Metropolitan Community College! Each Monday and Wednesday at New Life church, Freshman and Sophomore students will be able to take Science with lab, Math (Algebra 1 and Geometry), English (writing included) and alternating days of History and a Life Skills/College prep class.  The Life Skills/College prep class will include learning about time management, note-taking skills, how to apply for college and scholarships, and hear from guest speakers. The accountability and assisted guidance/grading from teachers is so helpful at this critical age. They will then have "heavy homework" and complete their week at home with the guidance of a parent. The curriculum will be heavy on Bob Jones, but not limited to that. As students are ready, they can take the English placement test at MCC and start easing in with one class at an early grade for dual credit at the campus.  Taking it alongside fellow DHA friends will be a plus! With a solid game-plan, your student can graduate as a high school Senior the same time they receive their 2 year Associate's degree!  The added amazing fact is that the dual credit is half the cost of normal community college tuition.  DHA is prepared to inform and support these high school students through each step of the way!


God has individuals with awesome skills, experience and the heart to work with children, ready to teach for the DHA Academic Program this next year! All of our teachers are certified teachers, but several have additional degrees, skills and experience! We are planning and praying for each student!


We want students to be encouraged, motivated, and challenged academically through the year with both text-book and hands-on learning.  Working in groups and partners helps with accountability and encourages students to stay on track and complete the assignments on time.  They will have opportunities to have poster presentations, speeches, work in groups, make notebooks and more, which utilizes the classroom atmosphere. We will primarily be using Bob Jones curriculum.  A specialist is available to answer any questions about this solid curriculum used in lots of Christian schools around the nation. Specific curriculum and pricing will be shared soon. Parents are responsible for providing the student books and texts. When ordered through DHA, a helpful group discount will be applied.

Parents are the primary teacher and will determine the final grades and track Missouri Law hours for students. DHA staff is available if you have any questions. Parents also have the ability to limit workload or maximize the assignments, depending on the individual student and their needs. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with MO law. https://hslda.org/content/hs101/MO.aspx We will also be available to assist you through the year.

Curriculum information and costs by grade can be found here: 

Please reach out by email if you have any questions about curriculum. discoveryhomeschool@gmail.com


DHA Academic students meet as a group for chapel each morning to say the Pledge of Allegiance, sing worship songs and listen to student led prayer before heading to class with their teacher. The younger students, grades K through 2nd, will bond with their teacher for the day. Grades 3-8 will have multiple teachers that specialize in their fields. Younger students will have a short recess time, while all students will get a brain break during PE class! Classes are from 9am to 3pm, Mid-August to May.

*Parents are not required to participate or help during the school day.  It is the parent's day to do other fun and needed things!  However, we do encourage parents to help and attend our Fall and Valentine class parties!


* Back To School Night
* Multiple monthly field trip opportunities
* PE Field Day
* Kindergarten Graduation

* Science Fair
* Holiday class parties
* School photo yearbooks
* High quality standard of excellence and communication
* Certified teachers with background checks
* Friendly, professional environment
* Caring, organized, Christian staff
* Hands-on Christian education 

* DHA's successful experience for 20 wonderful years
* Partnership with Metropolitan Community College


The DHA Academic Program covers two days a week and also includes assignments to do at home on Thursdays and Fridays.

Elementary (PreK to 8th grade) Information:

Enrollment Fee: per family (non-refundable) 

*Due at time of enrollment to hold classroom placement.

1 Student: $65

2 Students: $75

3+ Students: $85

Student Fee: $20 per student (provides yearbook and t-shirt)

*Parents will be responsible for purchasing curriculum materials (student workbooks/texts and basic school supplies) When ordering workbooks through DHA as a group, families will share in discounts.

Monthly Tuition for PreK to 8th: (can also be paid quarterly or annually) 

1 Student: $225

2 Students: $355

3 Students: $485

4 Students: $615

THE BRIDGE High School Program:

Enrollment fee: $65 (non-refundable) Due at time of enrollment to hold classroom placement 

Student Fee: $20 per student (provides yearbook and t-shirt) 

Monthly tuition per student: $315

Lab Fee: TBD

Discounts do not apply for multiple high school students, however families with a high schooler and younger student will receive a discounted monthly tuition rate.

Start date of August 24, 2020.

Thank you for committing to the school year. If needed, student changes from the program are encouraged to be made at semester.

We are blessed to have this opportunity to partner with you in your child's education. Thank you for considering DHA Academic Program!! Tell your friends! If you have any questions or would like more information please Contact Us.



Discovery Homeschool Academy * 913.636.8290 * DiscoveryHomeschool@gmail.com

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