Attendance: To get the most out of the program, students should plan on attending each school day.

Dress: 2020-21 Dress Code: DHA is adhering to a more relaxed dress code than in previous years.  Students may wear clothing that is conservative, modest, clean, and comfortable. Shoes appropriate for PE are still required as students will be participating in PE each school day. The determination of appropriate clothing is at the discretion of school administration. If we determine a student is in clothing not to our dress code standards, we will call the parents to bring a change of clothes. Hats will be allowed only on designated days. A DHA shirt will be provided at the beginning of the school year and can be worn as often as they like and when requested for field trips.


1.    Clothing with inappropriate skin exposure including shirts with low necklines or ones allowing underwear to show, such as: tank tops, halter tops, mesh tops, and tube tops, and short skirts and shorts, sundresses, and short tops which expose the stomach. Tights may be worn, but only with dresses or shirts long enough to cover to mid-thigh. 

2.    Underwear must not show. 

3.    Clothes with holes, and any cut, ripped, unhemmed or cut-off clothing that results in inappropriate skin or undergarment exposure. These clothes are not allowable even when other garments are worn underneath. 

4.    Clothing that advertises products dealing with or having references to profanity, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sex, violence, or representing weapons or gangs or slogans that are suggestive or have double meanings will not be permitted. 

5.    Hats may not be worn inside the building during the school day or at after-school activities. This includes stocking caps, scarves, bandanas, and other headwear.  

Lunch: Students bring their lunch, clear drink, and utensils from home(please label). A note in the lunch box from parents and siblings is welcome and fun!

Backpacks:  Students bring a backpack to collect and protect their items through the day.

Parent Communication: Communication is important to us.  Discovery communicates weekly by e-mail to enrolled families. We make every effort to share the exciting DHA activities, events and photos from your child’s school day with families.  Teachers communicate by sharing what activities, lessons, and experiments they have enjoyed the previous month and lessons they are preparing to teach. Each enrolled family will receive a handbook outlining details and policies of our program.

Check out us out on Facebook! Have fun connecting and communicating with other DHA families.

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