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  • February 16, 2021 11:34 AM | Letricia Hess (Administrator)

    THE BRIDGE High School program: The Bridge is an exciting new high school partnership program that is connecting certified teachers, parents, and the Metropolitan Community College! Each Monday and Wednesday at Manna Fellowship church, Freshman and Sophomore students will be able to take math (Algebra 1 or Geometry), science (Biology or Chemistry), and ELA (9th or 10th grade level). Students will have "heavy homework" and complete their week at home with the guidance of a parent. The curriculum will be heavy on Bob Jones, but not limited to that.

    This year we are happy to announce that we will be able to offer a la carte classes if families need this option. Tuition for The Bride program is $315 per month, and the students can take a la carte classes for $120 per month, per class.

    As students are ready, they can take the English placement test at MCC and start easing in with one class at an early grade for dual credit at the campus.  Taking it alongside fellow DHA friends will be a plus! With a solid game-plan, your student can graduate as a high school Senior the same time they receive their 2 year Associate's degree!  The added amazing fact is that the dual credit is half the cost of normal community college tuition.  DHA is prepared to inform and support these high school students through each step of the way!

  • January 26, 2021 12:28 PM | Anonymous

    We are so thankful for a wonderful 2020-21 school year and we are so excited for the announcement of opening our second location for the enrichment program in Fall of 2021. 

    Families will have the option to choose which location they would like to attend on Tuesdays when filling out their enrollment form. Manna Fellowship Church (our current location) and First Baptist Church in Oak Grove will both be available choices for families. Our Academic program will still be held at Manna Fellowship Church on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

    Enrollment opens to current families mid February. New families will be able to enroll through the website beginning March 1st, 2021. 

  • July 10, 2020 2:26 PM | Anonymous

    Discovery Homeschool Academy is excited to announce that we will meet at Manna Fellowship Church in Pleasant Hill (South Lee's Summit area off 291) for the 2020-21 school year! They have graciously opened both of their beautiful buildings to us and we are so thankful for the opportunity to host both programs at this location.

    COVID-19 has brought some valid questions from parents that we would like to address. Our FAQs are listed below. Please feel free to contact us by email if you have additional questions.

    Will you have temperature checks before entering the building?

    We are asking and trusting each family to take their children’s temperature each day before arriving at DHA. However, if that is forgotten one day or you were unable to do so, simply stop by the nurse’s desk and we would be happy to assist with that. Our staff will also be required to take their temperatures before arriving to DHA each day.

    What kind of well checks will staff be trained on?

    Our staff take great pride in their relationships with students and already do a great job of identifying students who may be feeling ill. Additionally, all teachers and staff will be trained on the signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Teachers will check-in with all students throughout the day to make sure everyone is feeling well and ready to learn.

    What will social distancing look like?

    Students will be taught how and why it is important to remember personal space whenever possible; however, we know that certain student populations, including our youngest learners, will struggle with the concept and their self-control. DHA staff will do their best to supervise and reinforce the necessary safety precautions with our students.

    Will students share supplies?

    No. Due to COVID-19, we will lower the supply fee for the Enrichment program this school year and will ask parents to provide the supplies for each student. The Academic supply fee already reflects the discount of parents providing basic supplies. We will send out a supply list in August so parents will know what supplies are needed.

    Will the car line procedure change? What will drop off and pick up look like?

    To limit the number of persons in the building, we are asking that students 2nd grade and above be dropped off/picked up in car line whenever possible. For students 1st grade and below, parents are welcome to walk in and drop them off/pick them up. Please understand, there are exceptions to this rule. If you have a specific request to walk your older child in, please contact us and we will be happy to talk with you.

    Will my child be required to wear a facemask?

    No. Facemasks are not required and will not be required by DHA. However, if you would like to send a mask with your child, you are absolutely welcome to do so.

    What are cleaning procedures?

    DHA staff will continue to encourage and exhibit thorough hand washing procedures. We will disinfect high tough areas throughout each day with a product that is effective but also safe.

    What if my child has a fever?

    If your child has a temperature of 100.0 degrees or higher, please keep them home until they are fever free for 24 hours without the use of medication. We request that each parent also watch the overall health of their child and watch for the signs/symptoms of illness. If any of these symptoms are observed, please keep your child home from DHA;

    • ·      Cough (new cough that is unrelated to the seasonal allergy cough)
    • ·      Fever (100.0 degrees or higher)
    • ·      Shortness of breath
    • ·      Muscle Aches
    • ·      Abdominal pain or vomiting
    • ·      Sore throat
    • ·      Unexplained loss of taste or smell
    • ·      Diarrhea
    • ·      Headache

    If your child is diagnosed with influenza or COVID-19, please notify DHA as soon as possible.

    What will happen if a staff member/student contracts COVID-19?

    If someone were to contract COVID-19, DHA staff would contact all staff and parents of students who had been in contact with the infected person. That name and identifying information of the infected person would not be released. The purpose of notifying others would simply be for them to be able to look for and recognize symptoms within themselves should they be present.

  • February 12, 2020 11:53 AM | Deleted user

    DHA Enrichment Newsletter

    Pre-K Monkey's - Mrs. Peek

    The Pre-K Monkey's class has had so much fun in the last few months! We have spent time learning about quite an array of subjects. Included in these were snow, penguins,  polar bears, valentines day and maps. It has been so wonderful to see all the kiddos thrive on Tuesdays and make such sweet friendships with all of their classmates. So thankful for every one of them!

    Pre-K Otters, Mrs. Eastwood

    The Pre-K Otters have learned all kinds of things this winter! We started the new year off with discovering many things about the animals that live in snowy weather--especially at the North and South Poles--like penguins and polar bears. In February, we talked about the blessings of friendship for Valentine's Day and the moms threw a fantastic party. Pets were our topic in our most recent class and we'll wrap up the month with a "clouds and rainbows" theme before diving into all kinds of weather fun in March. At this time of year, the Pre-K students have really learned our routines and enjoy playing with their DHA friends each week. The school days go really smoothly and we all laugh a lot!

    Kindergarten - Mrs. Puckett, Mrs. Calton, and Mrs. Collins

    Kindergarten has had a busy few months of learning!  In December, we enjoyed performing at both Cookies and Carols and the Fine Arts Program as we celebrated the birth of our Savior.  In January, we learned all about snow, penguins, and polar bears.  We also had a fun Groundhog-themed day to learn about groundhogs, shadows, and make predictions about whether or not the groundhog would see his shadow.  This month we look forward to celebrating Valentine's Day and reading about Washington and Lincoln in honor of President's Day.  Kindergarten Graduation is just around the corner, and we have already begun practicing for our performance!

    Music - Mrs. Scholes

    In music we continue to learn and have fun each week. The younger grades spent January reading more children’s literature and incorporating music elements. We read Snowball Fight, Froggy Gets Dressed, and My Family Plays Music. Older grades spent January learning about musical genres. We talked about how they came to be, what instruments and dances might be involved and listened to several examples of each.

    Beginning in February we will learn our concert music. Our spring concert is April 21. Please mark your calendars now.

    Also wanted to give a heads up about our 2nd annual DHA-wide talent show. This will be during the day on a school day at the end of the year. More details will follow in weekly emails and on Facebook as that event gets closer.

    Primary Art - Mrs. Wright

    1st and 2nd grade, and 3 Wolves have finished up some leftover projects from before Christmas break. All projects from the beginning of the year up until now have been sent home. If your child has not brought home artwork, please search their backpacks.

    Recently we started learning about the element of space and how implementing techniques such as overlapping, placement on a picture plane, and size all create the illusion of space within our artwork. We also talked about how things look from the perspective of a worms eye view and birds eye view. First graders worked on mountain landscape drawings. Second grade worked on alphabet soup paintings from a birds eye view and third grade will be putting their finishing touches on their worms eye view snowmen next week.

    Last week, while several were finishing projects, early finishers did a Chiefs project. Second grade did a positive and negative space Chiefs arrowhead drawing/painting and two first grade classes made Mahomes headbands. Next month we will move on to the element of shape and talk about the difference in geometric and organic shapes.

    Excel Art - Mr. Voyles

    In February we continue to work on our 4 season collage. We will be creating 3D foam core pieces with these. Our classes also have two other projects we are working on. One is a self portrait character drawing and the others is finishing and surface treatment of our paper sculptures. In March we will continue to finish those projects. As always we have been discussing how we use the elements of art in finishing all of these projects.

    Social Studies - Mrs. Messer

    This semester in social studies has been so fun! We have learned about who Thomas Edison really was and what he truly invented (concrete furniture:). Students were able to discover how the Wright brothers tried and tried and tried again to build their aircraft by making one of their own. Last week, we read a little about Laura Ingalls Wilder and her butter making days. Homemade, churned butter and crackers were enjoyed by students while learning more about life in that time. Helen Keller was a very influential person from history. Students were able to mimic the way Ms. Keller learned to communicate to her teacher, Annie Sullivan, by "tracing" words on each others palms.

    Looking forward, we plan to continue through the ages learning about life in the Roaring 20's, Dirty Thirties and the Post War Years. Blessings as we continue into February and March.

    P.E. - Mrs. Morrison, Mr. Voyles, Mr. Colton

    The older grades had lots of fun playing "Handball" or "3-steps and pass". We will finish this unit with a mini tournament the first week of February. Probably one of the fun things about the tournament is that the teams of three got to choose their team name. Needless to say, we had a lot of KC Chiefs related names.

    We will be learning volleyball skills in our next unit. We will learn to set, pass and serve. We will be warming up with jumping rope. February is heart health month.

    Thank you for remembering to send notes when your child needs to sit out of PE due to recovering from sickness or injury. Also, please send gym shoes in your child's backpack if they wear other shoes to school.

    We would also like to give some overdue thanks for the thoughtful Christmas gifts!! They cards, baked goods, ornaments, gift cards, candles, personal care items, and all the unique gifts were so appreciated and heart warming! We have the best kids and families at DHA!!!

    Elementary Science - Mrs. Skinner

    Hello DHA parents! In science we have gone over many fun things since January! We focused on the Earth and its processes. We looked at fast changes: volcanoes, earthquakes, land slides and more. We also discussed slow changes such as weathering and erosion. Students made star burst  rocks, miniature volcanoes, investigated the weathering process and more. We took a week to better understand germs and hand washing in hopes to keep everyone healthier. Hopefully you've noticed everyone taking more time to wash their hands better and more frequently. 

    Intermediate Science - Mrs. Champ

    Students have been very busy over that last several months in Intermediate Science.  Before Christmas break, they learned about electricity and got to make different circuits.  They also learned about magnetism and experimented with different ones to find out which type of magnet was the strongest.  Right before and after break, students completed several STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) activities.  In one activity, students had to build a “sleigh” that could hold toys and go down several different inclines without tipping over.  Students also learned about optical illusions and made an optical illusion of their hand.

    Currently, students are learning about outer space.  We started this unit off with another STEM activity where students had to construct a moon lander that could be dropped and the “astronauts” would stay in without being launched out.  Next, we studied the moon and it’s different phases.  Using Oreos, students made the different phases of the moon.  Students learned about stars and constellations and made a constellation out of star confetti.  We will finish up this unit by learning about the different planets.

    Primary Spanish - Mrs. Hesman

    Mrs. Hesman’s  primary Spanish class has been learning the names of pets, how to ask if someone has a pet and how to answer with what pet you have. Most recently we learned how to ask how much something costs, and how to answer with how many dollars. We put our knowledge and vocabulary into action by role-playing a pet store for two weeks. The children loved this activity and had a great time bringing in stuffed animals from home to buy and sell. 
    In February we will be learning the vocabulary for clothing items.

    Intermediate Spanish - Mrs. Mitchell

    Mrs. Mitchell's Spanish class has had a great couple of months! We have covered sports words, clothing, days of the week, months of the year, Valentine's words as well as doing a culture study on the country of Panama. 

    We will be reviewing these words in the coming weeks and well and working on conversational phrases and even learning some verbs!


    Science/Government/Economics - Mrs. Fairman 

    6/7 Stingrays and 7/8/9 Ravens have done some excellent work so far this semester! For science we have just recently finished our unit on physical science. Highlights from this unit included experimenting with Newton's Law's of Motion, simple machines, learning about atomic structure, and separating water molecules using electricity. We have begun our unit on biology with learning about DNA and cells and will continue this unit by learning about the different types of living things God created! In government, we are in the middle of learning about elections and the Executive Branch. We are holding elections in each class for a "class president" so your student can experience first-hand how our U.S. election process works! Lastly, in economics, we are working on personal finance concepts such as budgeting, saving, writing checks, counting change, etc. I am so grateful to be working with your students and am excited for the learning we will be doing together as we finish this year strong!

  • February 10, 2020 3:05 PM | Letricia Hess (Administrator)

    THE BRIDGE High School program: The Bridge is an exciting new high school partnership program that is connecting certified teachers, parents, and the Metropolitan Community College! Each Monday and Wednesday at New Life church, Freshman and Sophomore students will be able to take Science with lab, Math (Algebra 1 and Geometry), English (writing included) and alternating days of History and a Life Skills/College prep class.  The Life Skills/College prep class will include learning about time management, note-taking skills, how to apply for college and scholarships, and hear from guest speakers. The accountability and assisted guidance/grading from teachers is so helpful at this critical age. They will then have "heavy homework" and complete their week at home with the guidance of a parent. The curriculum will be heavy on Bob Jones, but not limited to that. As students are ready, they can take the English placement test at MCC and start easing in with one class at an early grade for dual credit at the campus.  Taking it alongside fellow DHA friends will be a plus! With a solid game-plan, your student can graduate as a high school Senior the same time they receive their 2 year Associate's degree!  The added amazing fact is that the dual credit is half the cost of normal community college tuition.  DHA is prepared to inform and support these high school students through each step of the way!

  • January 12, 2020 10:34 AM | Letricia Hess (Administrator)

    DHA is celebrating 20 years of friendship and teaching excellence! We have exciting changes for the 2020-2021 school year that we want to share with all of our families. We are thankful for Crown Pointe and Fellowship Greenwood Church partnering with us and allowing us to utilize their wonderful facilities.

    As we cast our vision for the growing DHA program needs, we looked for a church that was able and excited to host both the Enrichment and Academic programs in one place. New Life Church in Oak Grove, just 15 minutes East of our current Crown Pointe location, has offered just that. Our school days and times will remain the same. With over 20 cities represented in our current membership, the location will be better for some and more challenging for others. New Life has a full gym and can seat up to 1200 for our music concerts! 

    We are pleased to offer a couple of open houses so your family can check out the new location, visit with leaders about MO law/tracking hours and also visit with a Bob Jones curriculum specialist for our Academic program.  We will announce the date and time for the Open House soon and would love for you all to join us! We wanted to respectfully share and communicate well as is always our goal and commitment as we partner with your family in Christian education.

    We are also looking into needs and wants of families for the following:

    1. 4 year old preschool Academic (2 day) program

    2. High school classes

    If either of these interest you, we would love to hear from you about your needs. If you would take moment to fill out the google form below we would greatly appreciate it! 


    We are here to support your homeschooling family!

    More details and open house information will be shared soon.  Our 2020-2021 re-enrollment for current families will be mid-February and March 1st will begin enrollment for new families. Until then, we look forward to serving your family in the same locations until May.

  • November 20, 2019 11:15 AM | Deleted user

    DHA Enrichment Newsletter

    Music - Mrs. Scholes

    We've had a great couple of months in music this year! In the younger grades, we spent many weeks reading through some favorite children's literature and incorporating musical concepts with them. We also played boomwhackers, which always a fun time!

    The older grades played boomwhackers and dove in deeper to play some complex songs with them, also learning how to make harmonies. We studied rhythm and note names through games. 

    All classes are preparing now for the Christmas concert (December 17). We've had auditions and assigned parts for special components, but as always, the entire choir is our most important part! The students will be excited to share their music with you at the concert. 

    Primary Art - Mrs. Wright

    We’ve been very busy in primary art.  First and second grade grade and 3 Wolves spent the first month of school discovering colors including primary, secondary, the difference in warm and cool colors and the feelings they evoke.  We did several painting projects throughout September and October and I also introduced tempera cakes which have produced some beautiful art. In October we focused on line.
    I’ve also been occasionally adding facts for you to review with your student at home throughout the week.  This is a great way for them to earn class dojo points if they know the facts.
    We are currently finishing up our line projects and have been using chalk pastels which are messy but the kids seem to enjoy.  I apologize if your kids clothes have been coming home discolored.  We will probably be using chalk for another two weeks at least so please keep that in mind as you’re choosing clothes for our DHA day. 
    In November we will begin to combine elements like line and shape as well as start on some Christmas art.  I know you are all going to be impressed with the beautiful art they’ve made at our art show in December.
    It’s a pleasure to teach your little ones and I enjoy seeing the beautiful works they produce every week!

    Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people sitting

    Excel Art - Mr. Voyles

    In excel art, we have begun the new school year with an exploration into sculpture. Sculpture is created through 3 basic processes: carving, molding,or assembly.  Our approach has focused on the assembly process.  As with all of our projects we discussed the specific elements of art that are involved with sculpture. To refresh your memory these are the 7 basic elements of arts, line, shape, space, value, form, texture, and color. This project was going to challenge the students in 3 specific ways. 

    First, the sculpture subject matter was going to be an exploration into the human form or figure. In art, the human form is a very complex composition  to represent in sculpture. Giving examples and tips to help the kids articulate the specific proportions and anatomical shapes of the human form was vital. Assisting the kids in understanding the handling of the materials being used was also important.

    Second, the materials we we're going to be using would challenge the kids. This challenge would be in growth with visual conceptualization but also with the development of manual dexterity skills.  

    Third, it would require focus, discipline and patience to develop their projects as the weeks passed. Their efforts have been outstanding with what has been produced thus far.  In the beginning construction of these sculptures consisted primarily of  the basic materials of modeling paper and tape. The students were able to assemble dynamic figurative sculptures.  This will be our starting point as we continue to add different elements of art to our sculpture compositions.This will include the addition of other elements of art, such as texture and surface. 

    We are multi tasking this year as we have also begun a seasonal collage project which will include multiple elements of art as well.  So far the materials we have used this year are colored pencils, pencils, Ink pens, paint pens, sharpies, paper,  modeling paper, and modeling tape.

    Primary Science - Mrs. Skinner

    We have been having fun in science this year! Students have gone over everything from habitats, food chains, predator, prey, migration, hibernation, carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, insects, bats, spiders and more. 

    Recently students have started exploring the water cycle and 3 states of matter. We had a great time making use of the snow we had Tuesday morning and making tiny snowman go through the water cycle. All three states of matter were present as well. 

    We will continue to learn more about the three states of matter, water cycle, precipitation, and seasons. As always, thanks for the opportunity to teach your kiddos! 

    Intermediate Science - Mrs. Champ

    During the first part of the school year, Intermediate Science learned about different animal groups. We learned about insects, spiders, fish, bird, reptiles, amphibians and mammals. A lot of our focus was animals in each group that can be found here in Missouri. Students were able to explore artifacts from different Discovery Trunks from the Missouri Department of Conservation. To wrap up this unit of study, students were able to sign up to bring in a mammal (or a picture if the actual mammal was unable to make it) to share.  

    This past week, students learned about force, effort and inclined planes. Students got to experiment with different heights of inclined planes to see how many pennies it would take to pull a toy car up the inclined plane.  

    Over the next few weeks, students will learn about electricity and get to practice series and parallel circuits. 

    Image may contain: 1 person, child, outdoor and nature

    Primary Spanish - Mrs. Hesman 

    Primary Spanish classes have learned courtesy phrases such as hello, goodbye, good morning, how are you, please, thank you, you're welcome. We have learned how to tell what we like and do not like. We have learned 11 colors, 8 body parts, counting to 20 (all) and working on counting by 10's and 100's to  1000 (2nd-3rd).

    In October we learned Head-Shoulders-Knees-Toes in Spanish and performed it for each other in small groups.  

    In November we will focus on names of foods and how to order in a restaurant.  We are learning how to say "I'm hungry" and "What do you want to eat/drink?"   "I would like... (name a food or drink) please." Over the next few weeks we will get to practice ordering from menus. In December we will have some fun incorporating Christmas into games and activities using Spanish vocabulary. 

    Intermediate Spanish - Mrs. Mitchell

    We have had a great start to the year in Mrs Mitchell's Spanish class! So far we have covered: colors, animals, question words, household words, and body parts and a cultural study of Argentina. Every week we play a game to reinforce the words that we learn. The kids have especially enjoyed 4 corners, jeopardy and charades! We look forward to moving into short phrases and a few verbs before the end of the year. 

    Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting and table

    P.E. - Mrs. Morrison, Mr. Voyles, Mr. Colton

    We have had a great start to our year. In September we learned soccer skills and played kickball. 

    For October we had a special guest in the morning. Coach Brandon Horschig from KC Heartland Lacrosse taught the fundamentals of the game to our morning classes. We are hopeful he can return for our afternoon classes in the future. We also played Guard the Castle, Battleship and Save the Forest during the month. 

    November is our month for a basketball unit. We are learning basic skills for dribbling, passing and shooting. We will put them all together and have some skills competitions. We will play Pin Blaster and Four Corner Dodgeball in December. 

    Please remember to send a note if your child should not participate in Physical Education.  If they have an injury or have been sick it is helpful to know what activity level (if any) they can enjoy.

    Also, please be sure your child wears tennis shoes or brings them to change into for gym class. Most boots do not support the ankles and are not considered tennis shoes.

    If the weather is above freezing and the surface is dry, we will go outside briefly for warm ups. We may play outside when the weather is 40° and warmer. Please be sure that your child has appropriate outerwear for the weather.  

    Thank you for the opportunity to teach your children.  We count it all joy!!

    Computers - Mrs. Hodgson

    We have done a lot in computer class the last couple months.  We used technology to reinforce some science lessons, learned some of the cool things that can be done in Microsoft Word, learned the importance of saving documents in a safe place, and discussed computer safety.  The last couple weeks have been focused on our coding unit, which is a classroom favorite!  

    The kids are super excited to continue working on our coding unit. Take a look at their computer class folder in their backpack to see more of what we're doing in class.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful kids with me.

    Science/Government/Economics - Mrs. Fairman 

    6/7 Stingrays and 7/8/9 Ravens have done some excellent work in these classes thus far! For science, we have covered our unit on Earth Science. We began by discussing the scientific method, then moved into learning about the layers of the earth, volcano, earthquakes, and other natural processes that shape our earth. Highlights from this unit included baking soda/vinegar volcanoes, solar ovens, and modeling an earthquake.

    We are beginning our physical science unit, where we will learn about basic physics as well as atoms, molecules, etc.

    In government, we have discussed the purpose and responsibilities of government, types of government, the American Revolution,and the Constitution. We will finish our conversation about the Bill of Rights before moving into the Legislative Branch. Lastly, in economics we have discussed basic economic principles such as supply and demand, markets, and opportunity cost.

    Currently, we are working through our business plan project, and I could not be more impressed with what your students have created! I am excited to see as they begin to develop their brochures and advertisements how their plans develop even further! If your student would like to work through pieces of their project at home, the questions in their plan are posted on the DHA parent Facebook page.

    It has been a joy to get to know your students and I am excited for all we are going to be learning in the coming weeks!  

  • April 02, 2019 9:01 PM | Deleted user

    PreK Butterflies - Mrs. Peek

    The month of March has been filled with several new fun topics for the Pre-K Butterfly class!

    We started the month wishing in warm weather by learning about butterflies. The day was spent making water color butterflies and learning the life cycle of a butterfly. It was a fun way to begin our month!

    The following week we spent the day learning all about rocks. We studied different types of rocks, how they are formed and where they are found. We also spent time painting rocks and using fun snacks to show the kiddos how sedimentary rocks are formed. The experiment with snacks sold the kids, as they declared this the best day at school ever!!

    Learning about habitats finished up the month. Time was spent learning about different types of habitats, what kind of animals live in them and what the weather is like in each habitat. Anything involving animals is always a favorite for the class.

    In April we will spend time exploring all new Spring like topics like rain, clouds, rainbows, seeds and gardening! Hopefully we will have nice weather and can spend time outside each week taking in the beauty of this season.

    PreK Monkeys - Mrs. Eastwood

    We've had a wonderful March in the PreK Monkeys' class! We had a variety of themes over our three weeks of school this month. We started a wrap-up of our weather unit with a day on storms and tornadoes. This went along well with our first ever tornado drill where we learned the importance of staying calm and listening to directions. A theme about pets was next and was extra fun as we imagined all the pets we could get! And now that spring has sprung, our class is learning all about flowers...with more to come in April as we grow some seeds and learn about the importance of insects and butterflies to the beautiful blooms outside.

    Kindergarten - Mrs. Calton, Mrs. Collins, and Mrs. Puckett

    Spring is here and we are excited to watch it bloom. In March we enjoyed learning about Dr. Seuss and Irish Folklore. Our favorite activities were dressing up like a Dr. Seuss character, making walking rainbows in Science, and painting pet rocks when we learned about the Blarney Stone. In April and May will be focusing on all things Spring. We will be learning about the life cycle of a butterfly, insects and bugs, and enjoying Eric Carlson's The Tiny Seed book in our lesson on plants. We are also having a great time as we prepare for Kindergarten Graduation! We can't wait to make you smile on April 30th!

    P.E. 1st - 5th grades - Mrs. Morrison and Mrs. Miller

    Early March PE was a continuation of jumping rope. We introduced the long jump rope to the upper grades and they were awesome at mastering it! We also played some fun games such as "Save the Forest" and "Pin Blaster". The weather on the last Tuesday in March finally allowed us to go outside again for PE! If the weather is decent, we will go outside. Please see that your students have proper outdoor wear.

    We will be doing track and field activities in April, as well as kickball and other games.

    P.E. Field Day is quickly approaching. It is successful because of our fantastic volunteers. Please consider volunteering for a full or half day. We will be putting a sign up sheet on Google Docs soon.

    Elementary Science - Mrs. Skinner

    This last month we wrapped up our unit in health. Students learned about exercise and their heart, hand washing and germs, and the importance of healthy sleep and eating habits.

    This month we are learning about plants, pollinators, seasons, and weather. I look forward to having fun outdoors as much as possible, so please remember a jacket. Also, Burr Oak is offering some great free classes that will go along well with our unit, if you’d like to sign up go to their website. Happy Spring!

    Excel Science - Mrs. Ungeheier

    Students spent some time viewing some slides from different organisms, plants, insects, and other life cells. We will investigate and discover what pathogens are and how to test for them in water. We will also study bacteria and effects from parasites. Some time will also be reserved for groups to explore our final dissection of specimens.

    Intermediate Science - Mrs. Champ

    During the month of March, Intermediate Science finished up learning about the human body by constructing and labeling a human skeleton. Then we moved on to learning about plants. We started by learning about plant cells and made model plant cells. Then we learned about inherited genes or traits. We learned that humans, animals and plants all inherit genes or traits from their parents. Students observed 2 parent plants, drew from a container each part to an offspring plant, and then illustrated the offspring plant. This helped students to see that sometimes genes or traits favor one parent over the other or sometimes they are equally divided. In April, we are going to study tress from the state of Missouri through video, observation and games. We will also celebrate Missouri's Arbor Day (April 5th) on April 2nd. Each student will receive a tree to take home and plant. We will also learn about Earth Day at the end of April. In May, we will end the year with a fun experiment having to do with kites.

    Music 1st-5th grades - Mrs. Scholes

    We spent March working hard to learn our concert music and assign parts for our soloists and speakers, as well as learning motions to our songs. Motions help us not only learn the words to our songs better, but it makes the songs more fun to sing and more fun and meaningful for our audience to watch.

    In April we will put the finishing touches on our concert music as it all comes together in a beautiful performance for friends and family on April 23. Make sure to watch weekly emails for all the details on times to be there and what your child needs to wear. We also hope to get some outside time to sing and enjoy springtime together.

    Lastly, on May 14 we will host our first ever all school talent show. Students will have an opportunity to audition for this fun show before school either on Tuesday, April 23 or Tuesday, April 30 from 8-8:50. Students from 1st grade through 9th are encouraged to try out either alone, or in a group performance, with musical acts or skits. Students must provide their own background music and/or props, if needed. All performances must kept to 2 minutes or less. For any questions, please contact me at elizabethscholes@yahoo.com

    Journalism/Newspaper - Mrs. Swick

    Students have completed their first edition of the paper and will receive a printout of their work to show parents soon. This month they have been planning a creative edition of the paper that we will wrap up by the end of the year. Their projects include drawings, recipes, different categories of photography, reviews of modern day technological inventions, etc. I know they are excited for you to see their hard work.

    Art 1st-2nd grade - Mrs. Wright

    Thank the Lord we are finally starting to see signs of spring which has inspired some of our artwork. First grade has been busy with our space lesson and learned about artist, Claude Monet. Students examined the way Monet used space to give the illusion of depth in his water lilies paintings and then we made our own water lilies painting. Second grade said farewell to winter with our last winter art project of the year. We completed this project on cake discs. They loved having something different to work on other than paper. We used what we had learned about foreground, middle ground, and background to draw trees the appropriate heights to show depth and then drew a mountain landscape in the background with shading to give our mountains a dimensional look. Then students painted the sky in either a cool color palette or warm color palette.

    Last week we moved on to the element of shape. Both grades watched a short video on Paul Klee. Klee participated in several art movements including abstract art. We learned what abstract art was and examined several of Klee's pieces and compared them to other artists work and discovered that Klee took complicated objects and broke them down into simple shapes. First grade looked specifically at Paul Klee's Cat and Bird painting and then did a guided cat drawing that they will paint in either a warm color palette or cool color palette. Next week they will finish the painting portion and use what we learned a month ago about texture and use texture rubbing plates to texturize the background of the picture. Because we are approaching the end of the year, we are doing a bit of review and combining of elements in our last couple projects.

    Second grade also looked at several of Klee's works specifically his Castle and Sun painting. Second grade used lines (one of our elements of art) to create basic shapes. Then, they painted them in with a rainbow of colors. These were all done on copies of Bible commentary to provide added visual interest.

    Our last couple projects for the school year will wrap up with a focus on our last two elements, form and value.

    It has been a pleasure to teach your kids. I love their passion, enthusiasm, and willingness to always try their best. Several of them are always bringing me "gifts" that they painted or drew at home. I love that they are taking what they are learning in the classroom and practicing at home. It's so sweet that they are so excited to bring their version back to me and show me what they did. I love that!!!! I look forward to seeing what the last two months holds in first and second grade art!


    Art Excel - Mr. Voyles

    In March we worked on our foam core 3-D projects. We are excited to show these in our Spring art show. The works are combination of ideas developed throughout the year about the elements of art. March focused on the relief aspect of our designs to create a mosaic effect on our previous 2D designs.

    Social Studies 1st and 2nd grade - Mrs. Messer

    It has been a pleasure serving you and your wonderful children this year. I’m already looking forward to next year. As we close our year, we are planning to continue to learn about our state and national governments along with national symbols. Since we are encouraging our children in the serve-a-thon to serve others, our classes will be playing several games emphasizing a spirit of service. We will end the year reviewing states and capitals.

    Spanish 3rd and 4th grade - Mrs. Ungeheier

    Students have been learning the vocab for what objects they would find in a home and what clothes might be in their closet. We will be reviewing our vocabulary from this year and incorporating some phrases and books into the lessons to practice interpreting conversational Spanish. The goal is to decipher what is known by using this year's vocabulary and gain the confidence to see how much they have learned and can put to use in a real life situation with the Spanish language.

    Spanish 4th - 9th grades - Mrs. Mitchell

    In March we started out the month with a game of charades. The kids spent the first part of class learning the names of about 30 different animals and the last part of class acting out the animals in attempt to get their classmates to guess the right animal (in Spanish of course!). The second week we watched a video about the life of two students in Mexico, one in the city and one in a rural area and then discussed the differences in daily life between the two students and ourselves. After spring break we were able to get outside to play Spanish 4 corners (a favorite of the kids) and were able to study outdoor words at the same time! This coming month will bring some more emphasis on vocabulary and a refresher on verbs. I hope to get the kids speaking in class with some fun exercises and maybe to even get outside again!

  • March 04, 2019 4:29 PM | Deleted user

    PreK Butterflies - Mrs. Peek

    We have had so much fun in the Pre-K Butterfly class this month!

    We spent our first week of the month learning about transportation by discussing all the different ways to get from one place to another and building our own roads and train tracks to play on.

    The next week we had our Valentines Day party that was put on by our AMAZING class parents!!! The last two weeks of the month we explored maps and how they work.

    My favorite activity we did during this time was making our maps to go on a bear hunt. The kids had fun creating their maps but the best part was when we used them to look for a bear.

    All of the kiddos had so much fun with this and there was so much joy and excitement on their faces the entire time-it was another priceless moment with these kiddos!!

    PreK Monkeys - Mrs. Eastwood

    The PreK Monkeys have spent the last few weeks learning about weather with fun, hands-on activities like making a rainbow cloud and watching it rain in a jar! Our Valentine party was definitely a highlight of February because we loved celebrating all the friends we have in our class.

    The next few weeks we will have some fun themes like storms--to wrap up our weather unit, pets, springtime, and gardening. Hopefully it will warm up by the end of March for some of our projects!

    Kindergarten - Mrs. Calton, Mrs. Collins, and Mrs. Puckett

    February was filled with Valentine’s Day fun in Kindergarten. Some highlights include heart-themed math games, heart measurements, and of course our Valentine’s Day parties! We also enjoyed learning about Washington, Lincoln, and President’s Day. 

    In March, we look forward to celebrating Dr. Seuss, having some St. Patrick’s Day fun, and preparing for our Kindergarten graduation! 

    P.E. 1st - 5th grades - Mrs. Morrison and Mrs. Miller

    We are so grateful that the weather usually worked out for us in February! In February we practiced jumping rope with both long and short ropes. Jumping Rope is such a great inexpensive exercise for kids! We loved seeing the improvements the students made over the month!

    In March we will engage in bowling and scooter activities. Bowling is a lifetime sport that improves flexibility, balance, coordination and social skills. Scooter activities are a fun way to enhance students development. Scooter activities use different muscles than kids are used to using. As always thank you for sharing your students with us!

    Excel Science - Mrs. Ungeheier

    Excel Science has been learning about the periodic table to know what information is shared and how to read it for it to be of use. This helped them as they were able to figure out what is reactive or non-reactive. They can draw their electron configuration in the different energy levels. This helps them see what other elements can be combined to form a new substance or to see how a reaction will occur until it becomes balanced. We will continue to use some of this information as we interact with some of the elements. We will evaluate which items are a substance or mixture. We will begin testing to decide which items are acids or gases, how they may affect other items and try to decide how some reactions are occurring.

    Intermediate Science - Mrs. Champ

    In Intermediate Science, we continued to learn about the human body. We learned about our spinal cord and nervous system. The students made an edible spine using Twizzlers for the spinal cord and nerves, regular lifesavers for the vertebrae and gummy lifesavers for the cartilage pads/discs. Then we learned about our respiratory system and the students made a set of lungs using plastic bags as the lungs and straws for the trachea/windpipe. After that, we learned about our digestive system and talked about how long each part is! Did you know your small intestine is roughly 20 feet long? To help illustrate how long our entire digestive system is, the students measured out lengths of yarn or each part and then put them all together. We were amazed to find out how long our digestive system is and that it fits in our bodies! Then we learned about the 3 different types of muscles we have in our bodies, skeletal, smooth and cardiac. To help us understand how our skeletal muscles move, we made a model hand using cardstock, straws, yarn, and lots of tape. When the yarn is pulled, the fingers move just like in our real hands. We will finish learning about our bodies by learning about our skeletal system.

    Music 1st-5th grades - Mrs. Scholes

    We had a great month in February introducing our concert music. I'm thrilled at the kid's response to the music and that makes me so excited for our concert on April 23. As we learn the words and motions to the songs in the month of March, we will also work hard to learn the meaning behind each precious song and hide their truths deep in our hearts. It is always so important to me that my students learn to have a heart of worship and that they know that each time they worship, they are bringing gifts to God (same goes for moms and dads!) On our first Tuesday of March my 2nd-5th graders will have an opportunity, for anyone interested, to audition for a speaking or solo part for the spring concert. This will be done in class and students will be given all the details in class prior to this. Links to all the music for the concert for anyone who wants to listen outside of class are on the DHA Facebook page, or can be received by emailing me at elizabethscholes@yahoo.com

    Lastly, I want to give a Save the Date for an all-school Talent show that will be done the last day of school, May 14. This will be a new thing for DHA and we are excited about it! We will hold auditions before and after school on April 30. Watch for more details to come home soon!

    Music Middle School - Mr. Hale

    We are doing music appreciation through the eras.

    We have done classical music, nursery rhymes, hymns and folk songs, jazz and blues. The next few weeks we will be doing 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's.

    Journalism/Newspaper - Mrs. Swick

    Students are wrapping up the first edition of their papers, editing and formatting in Google Docs. We have begun to plan for a fun edition of the paper where they will showcase their creativity in photography, short stories, poetry, cooking, humor, and other categories. I can’t wait to see what they create! It was fun to see their excitement when we brainstormed ideas. They really light up when they find something that interests them, something they know they are good at or think they could be. We are looking forward to publishing soon!

    Computers - Mrs. Hodgson

    This past month we've been working on internet safety and safe internet searching. The students used a kid-friendly search engine called kidrex.org to practice using keywords for searches.

    In March, we will start building a class website so they can see how a website is created. Shortly after that, we will begin working on creating websites in small groups.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with me.

    Art 3rd-5th grade - Mrs. Hudson

    Students worked through the beginning of February to complete their Radial designs and Paper weaving.  Each grade level worked on varying levels of difficulty, for their ability.
    The students are currently learning about the subject of Portraits.  The students have learned about proportion of facial features, and that placement does not change but size and shape changes.
    We have learned how to draw each individual feature and what each features function is.  Form follows function, and has been created for a purpose.  
    Gods Word tells us that 
    “ I am fearfully and wonderfully made” Psalm 139:14
    3rd grade will be making a cut paper self portrait, they will think about the color or their hair, skin and eyes.  Focusing on the placement of each facial feature.
    4th grade will be completing a Paul Klee inspired Portrait using line to draw a portrait in correct proportions.
    5th grade will be completing a mixed media Portrait, combining multiple mediums into one artwork.  Finishing details will be applied to describe themselves as a student.

    Social Studies 1st and 2nd grade - Mr. Hale

    1st and 2nd grade social studies- We have been learning about early America; including founding fathers, American symbols, American monuments and locations, and Flag history and customs.

    We are starting on learning the states and maps. Including directions, key features in states, directions, and capitols.

    Social Studies 1st and 2nd grade - Mrs. Messer

    During the month of February, we have studied the life of Abraham Lincoln and other presidents. Just for fun, we learned about some of the odd pets past presidents had. Do you really know why Valentine's Day is a holiday? Your kiddo does! We studied Valentine's Day and where the "day" originated. President's Day was studied this week with Mrs. Wagner due to my absence.

    Spanish 3rd and 4th grade - Mrs. Ungeheier

    3rd & 4th Grade Spanish has gone from learning the different names of places around town and rooms in the house to figuring out what items are inside the house. They are finding that they starting to to look at some sentences and if they don't completely know what it says, they are able to get a basic idea of what it is about by picking out the words that they do know. They will be adding onto their vocabulary lists with simple commands like open & close the door, cutting the grass, wash your hands etc... The next two main topics we will study will be food and clothing.

    Spanish 4th - 9th grades - Mrs. Mitchell

    This February was so much fun! We started the month by playing Jeopardy to review the things that we learned in January and it’s awesome to see how much the kids retain. The next week was Valentine’s Day and we played a ‘get to know you’ game in which students asked each other questions and responded in Spanish. We also learned how to say all things Valentine’s related. Week 3 we learned how to say about 30 different animals in Spanish and used those to fill in individual BINGO cards for a fun game during the last part of class. The last week of February the kids had a blast playing Cucharas (Spoons) and I got to see their competitive side really come out! It certainly made for an exciting class time and pushed them to remember the words on the cards if they wanted to win the game.

    In March we plan to study about Mexico, get outside a little bit (hopefully), act out some scenes to work on speaking at length in Spanish, and maybe even practice our chef skills with some Mexican cuisine!

  • February 04, 2019 4:06 PM | Deleted user

    January 2019 Classroom News

    PreK Monkeys - Mrs. Eastwood 

    What goes better with January than snowy animals?! The PreK Monkeys enjoyed learning about polar bears, penguins, and all kinds of forest friends that live in colder climates. They can tell you that penguins and polar bears are NOT neighbors---they live at opposite poles! From a chilly blubber experiment to bins of pretend play snow to reading clever books about silly animals--it was a terrific month! In February and into March, we'll highlight all kinds of weather and also spend a week focusing on love and St. Valentine's Day.

    Kindergarten - Mrs. Calton, Mrs. Collins, and Mrs. Puckett

    January was full of winter themed activities, experiments, and games. We explored polar bears and penguins and how they stay warm and even had snowball (sock) “fights” (goal: which team could have the least amount of snow on their side).

    Next month we look forward to closing out the rest of winter subjects, learning about the history of Valentine’s Day and prepping for spring to come!!!!!! ❤

    P.E. 1st - 5th grades - Mrs. Morrison and Mrs. Miller

    This is our first newsletter since Christmas and Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Lewis , and Mrs. Morrison would like to thank all the students and parents for the thoughtful cards and gifts. We really appreciate your kindness.

    In January we introduced a new game "Monster Ball", named for the monster sized game balls used in the game. The object of the game is to move a large ball into the opposing teams territory by hitting it with gator balls. We also played our favorites "Battleship" and "Save the Forest".

    Each February we practice (or learn) jumping rope. Jumping rope is a very aerobic activity and good for building bone mass. It is difficult to master and takes time to build endurance. We will also learn to jump the long rope as well.

    Please remember to send a note if your child should not participate in PE.

    Science 1st and 2nd grade - Mrs. Skinner

    Hello DHA Families! We have been having a very fun time learning to use the scientific method all January. We have experimented with pennies, toilet paper, diapers, and soap. The children are doing an excellent job using their vocabulary words. We are working on making good observations, forming and testing a hypothesis, researching a subject, and just memorizing the process itself. I've been very pleased with their hard work on taking notes. Writing isn't easy for some kiddos, but they are trying to be the best scientist they can be and writing or drawing their observations each week. I hope they have been able to converse with you over their findings.

    In February, we will do a couple weeks of Valentine's Day themed experiments and then move on to a short new unit over sound.

    Excel Science - Mrs. Ungeheier

    Students were able to encounter seeing the inside of a real shark. They interacted with some laws of physics and astronomy. Personal experiences and recent experiences provided for great discussions about where our energy and electricity comes from and how things have changed over the years as the demand gets higher, yet people want to save money and be resourceful of what God has given us. Next month we will begin learning about nutrients and minerals and the importance they have for us and the Earth.

    Intermediate Science - Mrs. Champ

    In Intermediate Science, we started learning about the human body. The first thing we learned about was the heart and circulatory system. The students learned that their heart is about the size and shape of their fist, that arteries take blood away from the heart and that veins bring blood back to the heart. They also learned the 4 different parts that make up our blood, plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. We did a neat illustration of the different parts of our blood in class using water (to represent plasma), dyed cheerios (to represent red blood cells), mini marshmallows (to represent white blood cells), and craft pom poms (to represent platelets). Next the students learned about their brain and the different parts of their brain (the 4 different lobes, cerebellum, and brain stem.) We will continue to learn about the human body over the next several weeks. We will cover the digestive system, respiratory system, muscular system and skeletal system.

    Music 1st-5th grades - Mrs. Scholes

    January was such a fun month in elementary music! We were able to take a break from singing concert music and learn some great new things. We spent time learning about the 4 instrument families, saw real examples of many instruments, and played games to reinforce our knowledge of these families. We also studied the term “leitmotif” and saw this in action by watching the famous Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev. In the last week, in honor of black history month, we studied the traits of African music and specifically negro spirituals and their role in history.

    In February we will begin to hear and learn our spring concert music. Mark your calendars now for April 23 to hear a wonderful evening of music and see art displayed!

    I also want to thank so many of you for wonderful and thoughtful Christmas gifts! I am blessed to teach here.

    Journalism/Newspaper - Mrs. Swick

    This month in Newspaper, the Tigers, Ravens, and Stingrays have been working diligently on their projects for the newspaper. Editing has taken longer than expected, but I am enjoying their creative topics and writing styles. I thing you will too! This past week we finalized articles and most of the editing, and next week we plan to upload all of the articles to our flipbook website and should have a finished product to show you soon! Next month, we will reflect on our first edition and brainstorm ideas for one more edition of our paper.

    Computers - Mrs. Hodgson

    The students have been learning about safe technology use. We spent some time talking about our digital footprint and being nice online. Ask your student about Dihydrogen Monoxide, and why they should be careful about what they read online!

    In February, the students will be learning about how to search online using a kid safe search engine. To reinforce what we have been learning about, your child can play the digital citizenship games at www.digitalpassport.org.

    Art 1st and 2nd grade - Mrs. Wright

    We have been busy in first and second grade art. Our recent projects have taken several weeks to complete but they are turning out beautifully! First and second grade has been learning about the element of texture. We learned the difference in actual texture and implied texture. They also discovered the Vietnam Wall is a great example of actual texture that is meant to be felt and Mrs Wright demonstrated how relatives can make a texture rubbing of their loved ones name as a memento.

    First grade made implied texture birch tree paintings and now they are working on a Jasper Johns inspired texture rubbing piece. They will also get to use bingo daubers filled with ink to write their name over and over on their piece.

    Second grade spent a lot of time drawing bear school portraits complete with patterned sweaters. These took a lot of patience and I'm excited for parents to eventually see them at our spring art show. The last two weeks and most likely the next two weeks we will be finishing a clay project. I was excited to get to break out the clay and the students were too. We are now starting the weaving part on our clay. We talked about ceramicists, textile artists, and jewelry makers as examples of artists that make textured pieces that have actual texture some of which is meant to be felt.

    Next month we will move on to the element of space. Students will learn the difference in background, foreground, and middle ground, what characteristics define each space, and how to draw items in each space appropriately.

    Thanks for letting me teach your littles. I love seeing their uniqueness and creativity brought to life in the art room!

    Art 3rd-5th grade - Mrs. Hudson

    Through the month of January intermediate Art has been working on various paper weaving projects. Each grade level had a different level of difficulty and medium used. 3rd grade incorporated line design through their looms prior to weaving. 4th grade layered both 1 and 1/2 inch strips through their loom for added texture. 5th grade created both a warm and Cool colored painting and used their paintings for both the loom and strips to be woven.

    Transitioning from January into February 3rd grade students have been working in clay to create fish for an all grade level display. As a class we discussed: how to wedge clay, create texture through their piece, and apply color through acrylic paint.

    4th grade students are in the process of creating their Patriotic Agamograph. Using two separate patriotic images, the students are learning how to cut, attach and fold the two images together to form their Agamograph.

    5th grade students are creating Radial designs out of either Symmetrical or Asymmetrical designs that they have created. The class critiqued each other’s designs to help decide on which one should be used for their Final. Students will learn how to transfer their image using a rubbing method, to create the repeated radial image.


    Art 6th-9th grade - Mr. Voyles

    In January we continued to work on our large design project. This piece had been broken down into 4 large components. Since the beginning of the year we discussed several of the elements of art. We have been focusing on how to bring several of the elements of art together to complete this work. Once our 4 components were completed we then copied them so we could assemble the entire composition. We discussed how the use of line and broken line tied all 4 components together to create one visual composition. In February we will be using foam core to create relief mosaic type compositions with our designs.

    Social Studies 1st and 2nd grade - Mrs. Messer

    First and second grade students have been learning about opportunity, cost, and scarcity. We played several games including musical chairs to represent scarcity. Martin Luther King day was also in January. Students discussed and learned about equality. We used two eggs, one white and one purple. On the Outside, of course, they were different but on the inside the eggs were the same. This week we studied Groundhog day by playing a six weeks of winter game and making shadow puppets. So the question of the day is....will we have six more weeks of winter?

    Spanish 1st and 2nd grade - Mrs. Hesman

    In January it was all about pets! We learned vocabulary associated with pets, then how to ask how much something costs and respond with the price. This led into two wonderful weeks of playing "Pet Store". The students got to take turns buying pets and pet supplies from the store, and selling the items. Some got to experience being the banker or the one that "stocks the shelves". The kids all loved this activity and I heard a lot of Spanish being used including some 5 word sentences! In February we will be learning about our homes. We will learn the vocabulary for rooms in a house and review family members. Then we have a fun game to play in which we get to guess which room family members are hiding in. It's always a great time with your kids!

    Spanish 3rd and 4th grade - Mrs. Ungeheier

    Students have had fun playing some card games as they were introduced to places around town and rooms in the home. Next month we will discuss the items they may find around town or in the home.

    Spanish 4th - 9th grades - Mrs. Mitchell

    Feliz año Nuevo! In 4th-9th Spanish class this January we started off the new year by playing a game of Spanish Jeopardy to review all the things that the kids have learned so far. I was so impressed by how much they have retained and they had an absolute blast battling it out to see which team remembered the most. We also took the time to learn so new verbs and their conjugations including the ever difficult Ser/Estar, which I reinforced by having the students do a maze in which they had to choose the correct form to use for each sentence. This past week we began studying about the country of Spain and some of the unique aspects of its culture. We will continue this study as we begin February. The rest of the month will include strengthening vocabularies, playing some new games and continuing verb studies.

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