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EXCEL Art – Mr. Voyles – May 2016

September 18, 2016 2:20 PM | Letricia Hess (Administrator)

In April, students continued exploring the use of oil pastels. Oil pastels use wax and inert oils as binders making them non-yellowing and giving them excellent adhesion characteristics. That is why we chose to use a black card stock for the base of our project. Oil pastels can be applied to any paper, allowing the students complete freedom of expression. The lessons discussed in this project included the use of three main elements of art. Those three elements were line, color, and perceived texture. We started our project using a white line and breaking down our large murals into sections . Once this was accomplished we could better manage and view our work on a larger scale. To create a balanced visual aesthetic we introduced the use of symmetry into the murals. A large amount of time was required to complete 4 to 6 individual sections. An even greater amount of time was required to blend the symmetrical images together creating our finished compositions. In May, we plan on finishing some of our unfinished projects and taking home some, including our paper mache projects.

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