September Classroom News!

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September 2018 Classroom News

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PreK Monkeys - Mrs. Eastwood 

The PreK Monkeys enjoyed learning the routines of a school day at DHA while an ocean theme pervaded our crafts and read-alouds for September. In October we are saddling up for a month of fun down on the farm!

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Kindergarten - Mrs. Puckett, Mrs. Calton, and Mrs. Collins 

Kindergarten had a wonderful first month of school getting to know our classmates, practicing routines, and learning all about apples and Johnny Appleseed! We created fun apple crafts and learned how apple trees change with each season. Students taste-tested different types of apples and graphed the results of our favorites...Yum! We read all about Johnny Appleseed, focusing on true facts vs. tall tales, and we even got to sample his winter diet of butternut squash. During PE time, we focused on right/left body awareness through fun exercises and games.  Show and Tell is always a highlight in our month and helps us learn speaking and listening skills. October will be filled with fall fun as we learn about spiders, pumpkins, and leaves.

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Spanish 1st-2nd - Mrs. Hesman

In September we learned how to express our likes and dislikes. We learned seven different ways to answer whether we like or dislike certain foods. We also began working on counting to 20 and began learning eleven of the most basic colors.

In October we will continue practicing colors, counting and all past vocabulary, while adding in the vocabulary for parts of the body. Get ready for head, shoulders, knees and toes in Spanish!

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Mrs. Hodgson - Computers

This month in computers we learned about the some of the tools we will be using this year, including an online portfolio called SeeSaw. We also started our Microsoft Word Project, a journal from the prospective of a fictional character. In October we will continue to work on Microsoft Word. We will also learn about Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety.

If you have not connected to your child's SeeSaw account, please e-mail me at

Mrs. Champ - Intermediate Science

To start our year off, we did a couple of "Get to Know You" activities and learned a little more about our fellow classmates. During the beginning of September, the students learned about orienteering and how to use a compass. The students got to practice finding a bearing using a

compass. To end September, we started learning about the 3 different types of rocks and about the rock cycle. In October, we are going to continue to learn about different rocks and minerals from Missouri.

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P.E. - Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Morrison

We had so much fun in Physical Education with your students in September! It was so nice to meet new students and see former students again! This year we will be outside quite a bit so please check the weather to see if long pants and a jacket are necessary as the weather is ever changing.

In Physical Education last month we learned rules and procedures, played class games, and engaged in soccer skills. Some games we played were Battleship and Save the Forrest. Both games include skills like sliding, throwing, catching, dodging and team work skills. In soccer we did kicking, trapping, and passing skills.

In October we will finish up our soccer unit with some lead up soccer games like Sharks and Minos and a Star Wars Dribbling Game. We will also begin our volleyball unit which includes skills like passing, setting, and serving. As always thank you for sharing your students with us!

1st and 2nd Grade Science - Mrs. Skinner

Hello DHA parents! I've had a great few weeks getting to know your sweet kiddos. In class we have been getting to know one another through morning meetings. We've been practicing our days of the week, months of the year, counting by 5s and 10s, and more.

Our curriculum this month focused on the vocabulary predator, prey, carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, and habitats. We explored these ideas using scat and skulls. At the end of our exploration we made edible scat. Thank you to everyone who made it out to the Burr Oak Trail for our hike and picnic (both groups ;)

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We have just started our exploration of habitats. This next month we will continue learning about habitats, neat animals and plants God made inside them, food chains, producers, consumers, food webs, and photosynthesis.

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Journalism/Newspaper - Mrs. Swick

We have spent this month of September in "Newspaper Class" discussing the students' understanding of journalism and the changing face of journalism due to modern day inventions. We learned the elements of a newspaper and how to navigate the Kansas City Star and the Lee's Summit Journal. Then, we discussed the most common styles of writing found in journalism and practiced interviewing classmates in groups to find the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of any story. Finally, we learned about finding an angle to make a story newsworthy, and the students practiced finding an angle in their classmates' stories. In October, we plan to complete those classmate stories by working in groups to form a newsworthy article with an intriguing angle and informally present it to the rest of the class. We will also begin working with technology to type up, edit, and collaborate on the handwritten stories and explore different options for including artwork, photography, and design to enhance the impact of the stories. If we have time, we will also explore some online school newspapers and brainstorm which sections we want to include in our paper.

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Art - Mrs. Wright

We have been busy in first and second grade art. In September we have spent a lot of time reviewing rules and expectations in the art room and awarding class dojo points to earn that class dojo party. You have some very bright kids. They are like sponges and I'm amazed at how they have retained the expectations and can recite them. Many of them now know the definition to the word "authentic" since creating AUTHENTIC ARTWORK is the first rule in Mrs Wright's class. They are also eager to serve and help where needed. I so appreciate their servant hearts. Great job moms and dads on training your kids to be cheerful and willing helpers. We spent the first part of every class period reviewing rules in hopes that we can hit the ground running in October. I know they are going to do a great job!

In addition to reviewing expectations, we started the year learning about the element of color. Students reviewed the primary colors, how to make secondary colors, about warm and cool colors and the moods and feelings they evoke, and about complimentary colors and how they strengthen each other. Second grade read the book, "Leaf Trouble" and did a fall complimentary color art project. Students used oil pastels and watercolors and discovered the science behind how these two art supplies work together.

First grade read "Love Monster" and we made some observations about the angle the illustrator drew the monster in. We used our observations to carefully craft three of our own monsters and painted them and the background in a complimentary color palette. The kids were fascinated to see how lemon juice and salt could be added to our monsters to give them blotchy monster skin. First graders were VERY excited to get to use Sharpies. Both grades learned how to properly use a paintbrush. Mrs Wright explained that paintbrushes are supposed to look like graceful ballerinas that scoot around on the tips of their bristles. I asked if anyone had every seen a ballerina dance on her bottom to which the kids chuckled and said, "NO!" They learned that paintbrushes that are mashed into their paper aren't being used gracefully and create sloppy art much the same way a ballerina on her bottom would make for a sloppy dance. Next month we will continue with color and learn about the value of a color and how white and black can create shades and tints.

Once we finish with the element of color, we will move on to the element of line. I'm so excited for a dice/line drawing game that I think the kids are going to love! It's going to be fun. Stay tuned!

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Intermediate Art 3rd-5th - Mrs. Hudson

In the month of September, 3rd graders have reviewed the Elements of Art (Line, Shape, Color etc.) Students have worked to create an artwork that demonstrates each of these Elements visually. In October 3rd graders will be learning about Pattern and how to use line/shape to create a variety of patterns. The students will demonstrate their understanding of this concept using Fish as their subject.

4th graders have been reviewing Line and Shape. They have applied these Elements together to create Patterns of their own in an Abstract Watercolor. Students also reviewed methods of watercolor techniques to create smooth graded washes. In October, they will be learning about Pointilism as they view the work of Seurat. Then creating their own pointilist work of reptiles/amphibians with Tempera as their medium.

5th graders have created Math Art this month through the Tessellation. Students created their shape from a 2 in square, then created their Tessellation using the slide method. This can also be called tiling where the shape fills the entire picture plane with no gaps. In October, we will be looking at Observational drawing techniques. Methods to help the students use shape a line to draw what their eye sees, rather than what they know. Animals will be our subject of study throughout the unit.

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Art - Mr. Voyles

In September Our class reviewed the elements of art. The primary element we are focusing on is line. The project we are working on uses the element of implied line incorporating the use of complementary colors, balance and composition. This is a fun project the kids are enjoying. In October we will continue this project and expand it into a 3 dimensional expression of the concept of Implied line in pattern and color.

Social Studies - Mrs. Messer

Kangaroos, seals and owls have been very busy in social studies class. In our First week, we discussed how as God’s children we needed to make sure we are setting a good example for others. We discussed politeness, how to be a productive citizen and using appropriate manners while at school and in our neighborhoods. We then started learning about all of the Community Helpers in our communities and why they are important for our society to succeed. Johnny Appleseed came to visit our first hour class. We learned about his life and the legacy he left. This week at DHA we celebrated Native American day by learning how Native Americans communicated through picture drawings. Students made their own pictures stories and shared with other classmates. In October, we plan to start our economics unit. We will dig in learning about goods and services, supply, demand and scarcity. Columbus Day is also in October. We will visit this topic and learn more about Christopher Columbus. The last week in October I plan to discuss the Statue of Liberty and how it became one of our nations most famous symbols.

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Social Studies 1st-2nd - Mr. Hale

So far this month we have been studying Community Helpers, specifically Police Officers, Firefighters, and Paramedics, and how they relate to the Community.

Next month we will be learning about Doctors, Nurses, Construction Workers, and beginning national landmarks.

Elementary music - Mrs Scholes

We started our school year off with lots of fun getting to know each other through some quick and easy musical name games. Since there are 240 kids seeing me each week, I’m praying to be a quick learner of all your awesome kid’s faces and names! In my 3rd-5th grade classes, we also had a good time discussing what types of music we like, if we even like music at all, and what kind of background in music they have. This helps me a lot as I plan concerts and lessons for the year.

Probably the kids’ favorite activity of the month was using our boomwhackers to play songs and create music.

In October we will start to look ahead toward Christmas music for our December concert. Go ahead and mark your calendars for this great night on December 4!

Music - Mr. Hale

This month we have been working on rhythm, beat, and basic music terminology.

Next month we will continue with rhythm, and start to work on doing a trash can band performance. We will also start preparing individual and group performances for the Christmas concert.

Spanish 4th-9th - Mrs. Mitchell

In September Mrs. Mitchell's Spanish class was able to cover a lot of ground! Students learned how to introduce themselves, how to tell you their favorite foods, colors, and hobbies, how to say the parts of the body and articles of clothing, and some basic -ar verbs! This month we will move forward by leaning the basics of conjugating, things around the house, how to order in a Spanish restaurant, some facts about the country of Argentina, as well as taking time to review all the things that we have studied so far. We are looking forward to a great October! Que tengas un buen día!

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Spanish - Mrs. Ungeheier

Students have been reviewing some of the basics. For example, how to pronounce the alphabet, the calendar, counting, and greetings. We have begun working on our family members, emotions/characteristics, and sports. We will continue practicing these and add on to our repertoire of characteristics and our age. They can then in conversation have the basic information to introduce themselves.

Key phrases that everyone has used successfully are:

"Estoy aqui." (I am here),

" Mi _____(family members name) es _______ (characteristic)",

"Me gusta jugar______" (I like to play....)

Excel Science - Mrs. Ungeheier

Students have learned how to find their resting heart rate, target heart rate, and maximum heart rate in relation to the importance of proper nutrition and exercise. This included understanding how the body naturally kicks in from an anaerobic phase to an aerobic phase giving us the energy we need when we apply ourselves for more than 3 minutes. Our bodies naturally encounter a fight or flight method with different positive and negative stressors. It is important to identify our stressors and have support so we keep a healthy balance and self-esteem. We want to avoid the more severe negative affects stressors can have on the body. We also created a list and discovered additional first aid supplies and uses with items commonly found around the house.

We will begin practicing some orienteering skills and interact with some skills that were used during the Lewis and Clark Trail Days.

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