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February 2019 Classroom News

March 04, 2019 4:29 PM | Deleted user

PreK Butterflies - Mrs. Peek

We have had so much fun in the Pre-K Butterfly class this month!

We spent our first week of the month learning about transportation by discussing all the different ways to get from one place to another and building our own roads and train tracks to play on.

The next week we had our Valentines Day party that was put on by our AMAZING class parents!!! The last two weeks of the month we explored maps and how they work.

My favorite activity we did during this time was making our maps to go on a bear hunt. The kids had fun creating their maps but the best part was when we used them to look for a bear.

All of the kiddos had so much fun with this and there was so much joy and excitement on their faces the entire time-it was another priceless moment with these kiddos!!

PreK Monkeys - Mrs. Eastwood

The PreK Monkeys have spent the last few weeks learning about weather with fun, hands-on activities like making a rainbow cloud and watching it rain in a jar! Our Valentine party was definitely a highlight of February because we loved celebrating all the friends we have in our class.

The next few weeks we will have some fun themes like storms--to wrap up our weather unit, pets, springtime, and gardening. Hopefully it will warm up by the end of March for some of our projects!

Kindergarten - Mrs. Calton, Mrs. Collins, and Mrs. Puckett

February was filled with Valentine’s Day fun in Kindergarten. Some highlights include heart-themed math games, heart measurements, and of course our Valentine’s Day parties! We also enjoyed learning about Washington, Lincoln, and President’s Day. 

In March, we look forward to celebrating Dr. Seuss, having some St. Patrick’s Day fun, and preparing for our Kindergarten graduation! 

P.E. 1st - 5th grades - Mrs. Morrison and Mrs. Miller

We are so grateful that the weather usually worked out for us in February! In February we practiced jumping rope with both long and short ropes. Jumping Rope is such a great inexpensive exercise for kids! We loved seeing the improvements the students made over the month!

In March we will engage in bowling and scooter activities. Bowling is a lifetime sport that improves flexibility, balance, coordination and social skills. Scooter activities are a fun way to enhance students development. Scooter activities use different muscles than kids are used to using. As always thank you for sharing your students with us!

Excel Science - Mrs. Ungeheier

Excel Science has been learning about the periodic table to know what information is shared and how to read it for it to be of use. This helped them as they were able to figure out what is reactive or non-reactive. They can draw their electron configuration in the different energy levels. This helps them see what other elements can be combined to form a new substance or to see how a reaction will occur until it becomes balanced. We will continue to use some of this information as we interact with some of the elements. We will evaluate which items are a substance or mixture. We will begin testing to decide which items are acids or gases, how they may affect other items and try to decide how some reactions are occurring.

Intermediate Science - Mrs. Champ

In Intermediate Science, we continued to learn about the human body. We learned about our spinal cord and nervous system. The students made an edible spine using Twizzlers for the spinal cord and nerves, regular lifesavers for the vertebrae and gummy lifesavers for the cartilage pads/discs. Then we learned about our respiratory system and the students made a set of lungs using plastic bags as the lungs and straws for the trachea/windpipe. After that, we learned about our digestive system and talked about how long each part is! Did you know your small intestine is roughly 20 feet long? To help illustrate how long our entire digestive system is, the students measured out lengths of yarn or each part and then put them all together. We were amazed to find out how long our digestive system is and that it fits in our bodies! Then we learned about the 3 different types of muscles we have in our bodies, skeletal, smooth and cardiac. To help us understand how our skeletal muscles move, we made a model hand using cardstock, straws, yarn, and lots of tape. When the yarn is pulled, the fingers move just like in our real hands. We will finish learning about our bodies by learning about our skeletal system.

Music 1st-5th grades - Mrs. Scholes

We had a great month in February introducing our concert music. I'm thrilled at the kid's response to the music and that makes me so excited for our concert on April 23. As we learn the words and motions to the songs in the month of March, we will also work hard to learn the meaning behind each precious song and hide their truths deep in our hearts. It is always so important to me that my students learn to have a heart of worship and that they know that each time they worship, they are bringing gifts to God (same goes for moms and dads!) On our first Tuesday of March my 2nd-5th graders will have an opportunity, for anyone interested, to audition for a speaking or solo part for the spring concert. This will be done in class and students will be given all the details in class prior to this. Links to all the music for the concert for anyone who wants to listen outside of class are on the DHA Facebook page, or can be received by emailing me at elizabethscholes@yahoo.com

Lastly, I want to give a Save the Date for an all-school Talent show that will be done the last day of school, May 14. This will be a new thing for DHA and we are excited about it! We will hold auditions before and after school on April 30. Watch for more details to come home soon!

Music Middle School - Mr. Hale

We are doing music appreciation through the eras.

We have done classical music, nursery rhymes, hymns and folk songs, jazz and blues. The next few weeks we will be doing 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's.

Journalism/Newspaper - Mrs. Swick

Students are wrapping up the first edition of their papers, editing and formatting in Google Docs. We have begun to plan for a fun edition of the paper where they will showcase their creativity in photography, short stories, poetry, cooking, humor, and other categories. I can’t wait to see what they create! It was fun to see their excitement when we brainstormed ideas. They really light up when they find something that interests them, something they know they are good at or think they could be. We are looking forward to publishing soon!

Computers - Mrs. Hodgson

This past month we've been working on internet safety and safe internet searching. The students used a kid-friendly search engine called kidrex.org to practice using keywords for searches.

In March, we will start building a class website so they can see how a website is created. Shortly after that, we will begin working on creating websites in small groups.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with me.

Art 3rd-5th grade - Mrs. Hudson

Students worked through the beginning of February to complete their Radial designs and Paper weaving.  Each grade level worked on varying levels of difficulty, for their ability.
The students are currently learning about the subject of Portraits.  The students have learned about proportion of facial features, and that placement does not change but size and shape changes.
We have learned how to draw each individual feature and what each features function is.  Form follows function, and has been created for a purpose.  
Gods Word tells us that 
“ I am fearfully and wonderfully made” Psalm 139:14
3rd grade will be making a cut paper self portrait, they will think about the color or their hair, skin and eyes.  Focusing on the placement of each facial feature.
4th grade will be completing a Paul Klee inspired Portrait using line to draw a portrait in correct proportions.
5th grade will be completing a mixed media Portrait, combining multiple mediums into one artwork.  Finishing details will be applied to describe themselves as a student.

Social Studies 1st and 2nd grade - Mr. Hale

1st and 2nd grade social studies- We have been learning about early America; including founding fathers, American symbols, American monuments and locations, and Flag history and customs.

We are starting on learning the states and maps. Including directions, key features in states, directions, and capitols.

Social Studies 1st and 2nd grade - Mrs. Messer

During the month of February, we have studied the life of Abraham Lincoln and other presidents. Just for fun, we learned about some of the odd pets past presidents had. Do you really know why Valentine's Day is a holiday? Your kiddo does! We studied Valentine's Day and where the "day" originated. President's Day was studied this week with Mrs. Wagner due to my absence.

Spanish 3rd and 4th grade - Mrs. Ungeheier

3rd & 4th Grade Spanish has gone from learning the different names of places around town and rooms in the house to figuring out what items are inside the house. They are finding that they starting to to look at some sentences and if they don't completely know what it says, they are able to get a basic idea of what it is about by picking out the words that they do know. They will be adding onto their vocabulary lists with simple commands like open & close the door, cutting the grass, wash your hands etc... The next two main topics we will study will be food and clothing.

Spanish 4th - 9th grades - Mrs. Mitchell

This February was so much fun! We started the month by playing Jeopardy to review the things that we learned in January and it’s awesome to see how much the kids retain. The next week was Valentine’s Day and we played a ‘get to know you’ game in which students asked each other questions and responded in Spanish. We also learned how to say all things Valentine’s related. Week 3 we learned how to say about 30 different animals in Spanish and used those to fill in individual BINGO cards for a fun game during the last part of class. The last week of February the kids had a blast playing Cucharas (Spoons) and I got to see their competitive side really come out! It certainly made for an exciting class time and pushed them to remember the words on the cards if they wanted to win the game.

In March we plan to study about Mexico, get outside a little bit (hopefully), act out some scenes to work on speaking at length in Spanish, and maybe even practice our chef skills with some Mexican cuisine!

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