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Introducing THE BRIDGE high school program!!

February 10, 2020 3:05 PM | Letricia Osgood (Administrator)

THE BRIDGE High School program: The Bridge is an exciting new high school partnership program that is connecting certified teachers, parents, and the Metropolitan Community College! Each Monday and Wednesday at New Life church, Freshman and Sophomore students will be able to take Science with lab, Math (Algebra 1 and Geometry), English (writing included) and alternating days of History and a Life Skills/College prep class.  The Life Skills/College prep class will include learning about time management, note-taking skills, how to apply for college and scholarships, and hear from guest speakers. The accountability and assisted guidance/grading from teachers is so helpful at this critical age. They will then have "heavy homework" and complete their week at home with the guidance of a parent. The curriculum will be heavy on Bob Jones, but not limited to that. As students are ready, they can take the English placement test at MCC and start easing in with one class at an early grade for dual credit at the campus.  Taking it alongside fellow DHA friends will be a plus! With a solid game-plan, your student can graduate as a high school Senior the same time they receive their 2 year Associate's degree!  The added amazing fact is that the dual credit is half the cost of normal community college tuition.  DHA is prepared to inform and support these high school students through each step of the way!

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