"Our family has been so blessed by DHA over the past 6 years!  My oldest son started when he was in Kindergarten and it was a great way for us to still do some typcial "school" things like class parties, concerts, field day, yearbooks, class pictures, field trips, grandparents day, K graduation, etc, etc.  It made me feel like we were getting the best of both worlds from homeschooling and traditional school.  Furthermore, the teachers are top-notch and awesome; the administrators are friendly, caring and organized; and some of the other families (& kids) have become really good friends!  I would HIGHLY recommend DHA to anybody!!" - Kristina- Mother of 2

"My daughter has attended DHA since Kindergarten.  She will enter 2nd grade this year and is really looking foward to it!  DHA offers a good variety of classes to supplement our homeschool curriculum.  As well, it provides hands-on experiences that are sometimes challenging to do at home like creative art projects.   My daughter looks forward to seeing her friends each week.  The highlight of the year is the Fine Arts Program where she gets to display her artwork and perform for an audience.  We love DHA and would recommend it to any homeschooling family!" - Denise- Mother of 3

Thank you for bringing such a great group of students and parents for the 88.5 radio station tour last week.  Having a large group like that, divided into four groups, could have been very chaotic.  But you all did a great job in being on time for each respective time slot and all were very mannerly and cooperative. DHA rocks! - Dave Pease, Production / Sunday Morning Host

I want to thank you all tremendously with all of my heart for all that you do for the children and families of DHA.  Both of you ladies are first class all the way.  Everything you do and set your hand to is done with such excellence.  It really shows!  DHA is a phenomenal school with so many incredible classes and teachers.  Daniel LOVED being at DHA and I loved taking him there knowing how much he LOVED being at school.  I have and will continue to recommend you all to every homeschool family I come across.  You all are the BEST!!!  Thank you for such a fabulous school experience for my son this past year. - Rebekah 

"Discovery Homeschool Academy has been a wonderful supplement to our family's homeschooling for the past 6 years. Our children look forward to seeing their friends at DHA each week and I love all the fun, messy "hand-on" projects my children enjoy each Tuesday that I don't have to clean up! The music programs twice a year are always a highlight for our family. We enjoy listening to the uplifting Christ-centered music sung by all the DHA students. The dedicated staff and teachers genuinely care for the students and work to provide a fun, loving, learning environment for homeschooling students." - Rebecca- Mother of 5

"Discovery Homeschool Academy has given my homeschooled children the opportunity to gain valuable academic insights from peers and to form lasting friendships, which comes through this Christian classroom setting. While being taught by loving and accessible teachers, the educationally enriched environment supplements their education and gives them exposure to much more than I would typically provide. Honestly, the greatest testimony is from my children who look forward to Tuesdays and coming home to share all they've learned! DHA is a blessing to our family! " - Janelle, President of Lees Summit Home Educators 

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